Even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step— Lao Tzu —

Private clients

Personalities who look for opportunities to make a real difference through philanthropy or social investments.

— Three steps to your personal solution —

1. Defining your profile

We carefully listen and discuss with you your concerns, helping to identify your motivations, inspirations and terms of engagement using our “Philanthropy Canvas”, specifically developed for this purpose. Together we define your personal goals and establish concrete results to be achieved. We provide you with a strategic plan and overview of required resources for the implementation of your philanthropic activities.

2. Choosing your trusted partner

In order to meet your philanthropy and social finance needs, we help you choose the right partners. We evaluate them and negotiate your personal agreements based on our expert knowledge and relationships.

3. Managing and monitoring your impact portfolio

We define a clear reporting strategy, support you in understanding how your portfolio will be implemented, and track the indicators measuring the engagement’s progress. We guarantee professional and transparent monitoring, so that you are informed on a regular basis.

Our aim is to offer you the possibility to be personally involved in your philanthropic engagement. We support you on this journey and we ensure transparency and high quality along the way.

Institutional clients & foundations

For those who want to explore new ways of differentiating themselves from competition and wish to establish new client relationships.

We support you in

finding new ways to further build upon existing client relationships and remain a trusted partner.

We advise you on

how to consider all stakeholders and conduct business in a responsible and sustainable manner.

We help you to

implement new initiatives strategically, and in line with your company’s current business strategy and brand, and guide you to understand how the message of a sustainable and responsible business can be transported.

Our network and partners

mavia has an extensive network of service providers and manages these relationships for you. Through our network, you have access to a unique combination of service providers via one single point of entry.